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Browncord Kenya
Friday, 12th January, 2024

Dive into Seamless Event Planning with Browncord's New Events Items Management System!

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Exciting news alert! 

 We're thrilled to introduce a game-changer in event planning—say hello to Browncord's Events Items Management System!

What is the Events Items Management System?

Imagine a tool that simplifies every aspect of managing event items, from decor to catering supplies. That's exactly what our new system does! It's designed to make your event planning journey smoother and more organized.

Key Features:

Item Catalog: Browse through an extensive catalog of event items. From elegant table settings to trendy decor pieces, find everything you need in one place.

Inventory Tracking:  Keep tabs on your items effortlessly. The system helps you track quantities, availability, and even suggests alternatives for those last-minute changes.

Easy Ordering: Streamline the ordering process. With just a few clicks, you can add items to your cart, specify quantities, and voila—your order is ready to go!

How to Access the Events Items Management System:

1. Head to Browncord Dashboard.
2. Look for the "Events Store " section.
3. Dive in, explore, and start revolutionizing your event planning!

We believe that every detail matters when it comes to events, and this new system is here to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or any questions you might have about the Events Items Management System. Let's make every event a masterpiece together!

Cheers to seamless event planning,

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