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Wednesday, 27th September, 2023

Event Planning Challenges in 2023

Hello Browncord Community,

As we step int the end of  2023, the events industry faces new challenges and opportunities. Let's kick off a discussion on the challenges event planners are encountering this year. 📅

💡 Discussion Points:
1. What are the most significant challenges you've faced in planning events in 2023?
2. How have you adapted to changing circumstances and restrictions?
3. Share your success stories or innovative solutions.
4. What trends are emerging in event planning for this year?
5. Tips for overcoming common challenges in the current event landscape.

Join the conversation by replying to this thread and let's navigate the event planning landscape together!

Your experiences and insights are valuable, so don't hesitate to share. 💬

Together, we can tackle the challenges and make 2023 a successful year for events! 👇

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